Metaverse concept stock: Rolox's virtual Lego world

Metaverse concept stock: Rolox's virtual Lego world
People's imagination for the meta-cosmic concept stock has gone far beyond the meta-cosmic concept itself. Roblox, the first us gaming company to put its name on the company's ipo prospectus, has seen its share price soar this week, rising 177% to $12.47 billion in less than a year. Its market value has ballooned from nearly $30 billion to $72.2 billion, surpassing baidu and Nio, among other Chinese companies.

Roblox may be a stranger to the Chinese-speaking world, but it has become as popular among overseas teenagers as QQ, 4399 miniclip games or Pleasant Goat and the Big, Big Wolf. According to Roblox's prospectus, about 95% of U.S. children ages 9 to 12 are Roblox users.

When you play Roblox with your imagination of the metasomes and virtual worlds, the plain interface on the front page and the sketchy lego minigames may surprise you and leave you wondering: Why do 95% of American kids play Roblox?

Amy, a 15-year-old high school student in the US, told Deep Web that when she was in junior high, almost everyone around her was playing Roblox, and on weekends she and her friends would hang out in Roblox with their avatars.

As part of a generation that has theoretically grown up with the metasomes, Amy has a rudimentary understanding of the metasomes: "It's just adult Roblox."

There is no denying that Roblox is a good starting point for understanding the metasverse.


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