MGA launches collector's edition Dream House to rival Mattel's Barbie House?

MGA Entertainment has announced the launch of MGA's Dream Ella, a collectable fashion doll brand that lets kids #BeWhateverYouDream.

MGA's Dream Ella, a line of fantasy toys for children aged three to five, is the latest brand in MGA Entertainment's growing portfolio.

MGA's Dream Ella brings a touch of magic to playtime, a blend of fantasy and reality -- a career woman by day, a fairy by night. The dolls aim to be 'my first style doll' for toddlers and inspire #BeWhateverYouDream from a young age.

The design of MGA's Dream Ella collection is supported by extensive research, with an emphasis on role-playing development. The collection includes MGA's Dream Ella Color Change Surprise Fairies, MGA's Dream Ella I AM Fashion doll, MGA's Dream Ella Unicorn, and MGA's Dream Ella Car Cruiser and MGA's Dream Ella Majestic Castle.

MGA's Dream Ella Color Change Surprise Fairies (originally £9.99) continues to add mystery to the out-of-the-box experience. Doll owners must dip their fairies in water and wipe their faces to reveal the doll's appearance. There are three dolls in the collection: DreamElla, Yasmin and Aria. Each doll has its own eye color, hair color, and skin tone.

Also collect MGA's Dream Ella I AM fashion doll (originally £8.99). These are daytime versions of MGA's DreamElla Color Change Surprise Fairies, and feature DreamElla, Yasmin, and Aria themed apparel.

DreamElla, who works as a vet, Yasmin, a doctor, and Aria, a baker, hope to inspire children to become whatever they dream of becoming from a young age.

MGA's Dream Ella Unicorn (originally £16.99) collection includes three collectible unicorns - cherry, Ocean and lilac. Each unicorn has its own comb to comb its long, silky tail. Each fairy character has a unicorn, and each doll can fit into a unicorn.

Joining the line-up is MGA's Dream Ella Car Cruiser (MSRP £16.99), a shiny purple Car in which the doll can ride in style. With realistic interior details, side-view mirrors and seat belts, the two-seater fits most 11.5-inch fashion dolls.

Finally, MGA's Dream Ella Majestic Castle (originally £99.99) houses a collection of magical fashion dolls. The castle is the ideal size for MGA's Dream Ella Color-changing Surprise Fairy and MGA's Dream Ella I AM fashion doll, completing the collection and offering endless storytelling opportunities.

MGA Entertainment will continue to support the launch of the new series through an extensive PR and marketing campaign, including influencers and celebrity engagement, social media campaigns and television.

YouTube also offers fun content to watch, so kids can follow the adventures of all the characters. Vendors include Smyths, Tesco, B&M and Amazon.

Does this look like a mattel Barbie Dream house?


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